Monday, October 15, 2012

Macaulay turns 1!!

Has it really been a year since I had this baby of mine? That is just crazy to me!! I was really surprised to feel the way I did on his birthday. I felt sad that he is growing out of his baby stage. It just felt like this year flew by.. then I started thinking that I only have 17 more of these really short years with my little Cauls :(  I am not baby hungry (since I am about to have another baby), but I am just hungry for my baby Caulay.
I knew I would love being a Mom, but I didn't know it would feel like this. I feel like Macaulay helped me find who I really am and what I want to be. People ask me how I like being a Mom, and the best way for me to describe it is having your dream job that you love but it is a lot of work, like a lot of work!
Macaulay started walking at 11 months, but it took him about a month to perfect it. He still shuffles around like an old man. He always has to be carrying something in each hand (with his arms completely extended) as he walks. He loves the bathroom. He darts to the bathroom every chance he gets. He loves to unroll the toilet paper, and flush the toilet. He hasn't played in the water yet!! Cauls also loves the garbage can. I catch him throwing toys and binkies and whatever away all the time!!!
Macs is just about done with his binkie. We let him have it at night and in the car seat. Sippy cups are helping us cut down the bottle use. He has 2 or 3 bottles a day. His favorite foods are oatbran pancakes, PB&J's, noodles, cheese, bananans, and tomatoes. It's been difficult to get this boy to eat though!
I took him to the doctor today for his "well visit". He is 31.5 inches tall (90%), and 21 pounds (25%).

Now to his first birthday party!! It was so much fun to plan and to prepare, but after it was all said and done.. it was just soooo much work! I was exhausted!
We went with a monster themed party because it was close to Halloween. Plus its cute! For dinner we served home made Cafe Rio. I looked up all the recipies online and made the sweet pork, cilantro dressing, my MIL made the lime cilantro rice. Anyways, I tried to make it as close to Cafe Rio as possible, and I think it was even better!!
We had tons of people come and it was so nice to see everyone. He got spoiled rotten with presents! Thank you to everyone who could make it and for all your help!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

27th Birthday

I just turned 27! I still feel like I am 19, but then again if feel like I've lived a lifetime with all of the places I have lived and all the things I have been through and accomplished.
To celebrate, Colin came home early from hunting and surprised me. I had to take Macaulay to the urgent care in the morning because he had 105 degree fever. It was just and ear infection, but scary nonetheless!
My friend Jackie offered to take Macaulay over night, and so we took her up on it!! We stayed at the Westgate up in Park City. It was soooooo nice to be off Mommy duty for a night, I cannot even begin to tell you!! We also had dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It was ok, but next time I would rather just get take out, lay in my pajamas and lounge around with my love. I am so glad we got to go somewhere over night before the baby gets here! Thanks Jackie!! And Thanks to my cute hubby for making my birthday so great. It was one of the best ones in a long time!

Big news!

So we are unexpectedly expecting. We are excited but equally as scared. I am already half way through this pregnancy! I just need it to slow down! I am not ready yet!! I can't believe my baby is going to be a big brother! Its hard to imagine another baby around here. Colin and I both want lots of kids, so its good to keep 'em coming, right?
We get to find out the gender on September 5th. I was thinking it was a girl because I feel so different this time. I literally have zero symptoms, other than being tired. I just can't imagine having a little girl right now. I can't even picture her (even though I would LOVE to have a daughter). But I can totally picture another little man, hanging out with Cauls. Either way, we will be thrilled.

10 months!

I totally skipped a few months. Well It's not like babies change that much from 6 months to 10 months, right? WRONG!
Macaulay is such a cute baby. Holy Hannah we love him so much. I can't believe how much he has grown and how things change in a matter of weeks!!
Macs is crawling like a mad man and he pulls himself up on furniture, and walks along the furniture. He started scooting at 8 months, and crawled one week later. He got his first 2 teeth at 8 months as well. He now has 4 teeth on the bottom, and just gums on the top.. it looks quite hilarious.
Caulay still loves to growl like a tiger, he thinks its hilarious when you will growl back at him and then we will just mimic eachother. He can wave hello and clap his hands when you say "yay!!!"
He is starting to fake cry, and it is the cutest, most hilarious thing ever.. He would definitley not win an Academy Award with it.
Another thing he does we find hilarious.. If we wear sunglasses or a hat, or my hair is wet.. He doesn't seem to recognize us. When we hold him, he will just keep looking at us, with trying to not look at us (if that makes sense) with this goofy grin, and get all shy and put his head on our shoulder. It makes us laugh with out fail. Caulay seems to be a shy baby. I am not sure if most babies are like this, or if its just his personality, but he is so wild and talkative and gigglily at home. But when we go anywhere, he is this little shy dude. When people talk to him he puts his head on my chest and flashes them a shy little smile. It's pretty darling.

                                                    Caulay and Harrison.. Cousins
                                                                I think I need to baby proof!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

6 months

At Cauls 6 month appointment, he weighed 16.5 pounds and was 28 inches long. He was 35th percentile for weight and 75th for height. The Doctor says I have a tall skinny baby, which confuses me cause I think he is a little chunky monkey! He started liking baby food. He isnt a fan of fruit. He loves sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, but squash is his favorite. he recognizes his bottle now. He starts to whine and pant.. His eyes get really big, then he will reach for it, grab it with all of his might and shove it in his mouth. Macaulay is such a little charmer. He will smile at anyone if they give him a little attention. He is such a busy baby! My goodness! I am in big trouble once he is mobile. When I was pregnant with him, he seemed so chill, and calm. He really didn't move very much. I thought we was going to be this shy, timid little boy... Nope! definitley not!! He is all over the place. When I hold him, he is looking back and forth back and forth.. he dives every which way when he wants something. You REALLY have to hold on to him.
He is extremely vocal. My favorite is when he growls like a happy tiger, and when he is a bit sad, he says "mamamamama".
He likes to grab my face and eats my chin. I like to think he is giving me kisses, but he just likes to eat everything :)
He doesn't have any teeth yet, but he has most of the symptoms of a teething baby.. especially all the drool.

                                                                        6 months!
                                       He really loves being outside. He loved the swing!
 We have been going on lots of walks to enjoy this nice weather. I bought those aviator sunglasses at    buildabear!! lol

5 Months

This has to be my favorite age so far. I thought it had to be the snuggley newborn age, but nope. Caulay is so fun and so interactive. I love that he thinks I am hilarious, wants to snuggle, doesn't like it when I leave the room, he is content if he has something exciting to play with. He is, and has been for a while, sleeping through the night. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!! Occasionally he wakes up and wants a quick snuggle or his beloved binkie, but that is more than ok with me.
He started sitting up, and he is getting better and better at it.
Both of Caulay's eyes have clogged tear ducts. They told me it should clear up around 4 months. I went to see the doctor about it, and he said if it didn't clear up by 8 months, they would do a little surgery to open the tear ducts up. Just a few weeks after I saw the doctor, both eyes cleared up! YAY!!
                                                                    trying not to smile
                                                                     5 months old!
                                                                    big boy sitting up!

4 months

I am no good at keeping up on blog posts... so this 4 month post is going to have to be pulled out of my horrible memory!
At Macaulay's 4 month check up, he weighed 13.5 pounds and 26 inches long. He was hitting the 50th percentile. He was right on track with his development. He rolled over when he wanted to, never when we wanted him to! The doctor and his nurses always comment on how strong he is, since he was a day old, and even more so now.
He is very talkative and so happy. We tried to introduce solids. It did not go so well! He hated them! He would get the most sour face, and his body would actually shiver in disgust. It was pretty hilarious. I only tried oatmeal and advacadoes. I am not sure if he hated the texture, or the flavor, or maybe he just wasn't ready. So I didn't push it.

Whenever anyone holds Cauls, he just wants to constanly bounce or at the very least, stand. Sitting is not an option. He locks his knees and arches his back so he can stand. The only time that kids knees bend is when he is trying to bounce. It's pretty funny.  He loves his jumparoo toy that Aunt Jamie got him. He bounces so fast, and high, I swear he is going to jump right out of it. He was still too little for it. I had to put a blanket in the seat to support him, and a box under his feet so his feet could lift of and bounce. It was so hilarious to see this teeny baby bouncing like a mad man.

                                                                        4 months
                                                                     My tiny jumper